Introduction of companies to foreign markets

Since 2009, initially as MERIDIAN International and currently under our own brand INNOVEX Polska, we have been providing services involving the introduction of companies and their products or services to selected foreign markets. This applies to both the export activities of Polish companies and the entry of foreign companies into our market.

To date, we have been or are carrying out projects in the following sectors:

  • Construction (waterproofing, sanitary installations, steel and aluminium windows),
  • Fire protection (fire extinguishing spray and integrated fire extinguishing systems),
  • Chemical (rubber products, cosmetic ethanol),
  • Recycling (raw material waste, mainly plastics),
  • Renewable energy (wood briquettes, photovoltaic cells),
  • Food (bioactive food, dietary supplements, medical devices),
  • IT (managerial analyses, visual identification),
  • Industrial (packaging and unpacking machines, clean technologies).

We have representatives and permanent business partners in several European countries, including: Germany, Denmark, Sweden and England. Based on their experience and contacts, we are able to quickly verify the possibility of working in the selected market and preparing an export strategy for the Polish company. Of course, we are also very familiar with the Polish market, as we have been operating here for more than twenty years!

We belong to the North-South Transport and Logistics Cluster and the MERIDIAN Group, the leader of which is MERIDIAN Konsorcjum Doradcze. We are also a partner of the Swedish company, Kalex AB, and an international organisation, operating under the auspices of the European Commission, which promotes foreign cooperation, called Enterprise Europe Network.

We look forward to working with you!