Quality and safety management systems

We offer partnership in the comprehensive development and implementation of a selected quality, security, GDPR, business continuity or environmental management system, including:
Zero audit of the company in terms of its compliance with the requirements of the specified standard,
Training of the executive staff, implementation team, internal auditors and an agent on the selected standard,
Development of system documentation according to the motto: ‘the less, the better’,
Comprehensive implementation supervision of the selected management system:

Supplier audits (optional),
Pre-certification audit of a selected system,
Assistance in the selection of a suitable certification organisation,
Participation of the consultant in the certification audit,
System improvement after certification, including periodic reviews and audits.

We also provide services consisting in the management of our clients’ systems. In this case, the consultants act as agents for that management system or as data protection officers. We have a dozen or so contracts at present for such systems as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP/IFS/BRC, ISO 27001, GDPR or ICS (Internal Control System).

Hello from the Pomorskie Voivodeship! If you are planning to implement and certify any management system, but lack sufficient funds, do not worry. We can do everything for you to get 50% funding from the Pomorza Development Agency’s SPEKTRUM programme, or from a bank loan (currently up to PLN 600,000, all through a simplified procedure). We work with partners who know how to do this quickly and without unnecessary paperwork.