ISO 9001 Quality Management System


ISO 9001 Quality Management System

The requirements of ISO 9001 can be applied by all companies and organisations, regardless of their size and type. It is oriented towards understanding and meeting customer requirements, i.e. specific needs in relation to an organisation’s products and/or services, the process approach and the delivery of the results of the effectiveness of these processes and their continuous improvement, as well as business risk management.

The main requirements of ISO 9001 are: supervision of documented information (documents and records), qualification and evaluation of suppliers, establishment and measurement of processes, risk analysis, resource management, customer satisfaction surveys, internal audits, implementation of corrective actions, and continuous improvement.

All these requirements are detailed in this standard and take into account the eight quality principles:

customer focus (the organisation’s position in the market depends on its customers),

leadership (the organisation’s management develops the direction of the organisation),

staff involvement (the organisation’s most valuable asset is its staff),

process approach (the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation depends mainly on the quality of the processes implemented in it),

systemic approach to management (quality management is treated as the management of interrelated processes),

continuous improvement (the constant goal of the organisation is to continuously improve the processes conducted in it),

factual approach to decision-making (decision-making based on facts and figures),

mutual benefits in relations with suppliers (creating mutually beneficial relations with suppliers of materials, raw materials or services is a guarantee for the organisation of high quality products for the customer).

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