ISO 27001 information security management system


ISO 27001 information security management system

Information security is not just about ICT systems. The concept is broader and also includes the egal aspects and safeguards: organisational, social engineering and physical. The implementation of an Information Security Management System based on the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard allows for comprehensive protection of the organisation’s important information in all of the above areas, including the protection of personal data.

Thanks to the system, the IT, organisational and technical activities required to increase the level of security are documented, and the organisation’s management is provided with a tool with which it can not only constantly monitor risk levels and make appropriate decisions, but also treat security as an investment rather than just operating costs.

An Information Security Management System, compliant with ISO 27001, can be implemented in an organisation completely independently or can be integrated with other management systems – e.g. ISO 9001, GDPR or ISO 20000. By standardising certain processes and documents, the effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented systems are improved.

The implementation of the system must be preceded by a preliminary audit, aimed at identifying the existing level of information security throughout the organisation, as well as identifying existing threats and directions for improvement. This makes it possible to assess the degree to which the requirements are met and the scope of activities necessary to achieve the desired level of security and the ISO 27001 compliance certificate.

The implementation of the above security areas results in effective compliance with the legal requirements and the expectations of customers and counterparties, as well as enhancing the quality of products and services offered and the prestige of the organisation. Above all, though, it will significantly increase the security of information held and processed, including personal data.

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