AQAP: Quality assurance system for NATO suppliers


AQAP: Quality assurance system for NATO suppliers

AQAP (Alied Quality Assurance Publication) is a Standardisation Publication containing the requirements for a quality assurance system for supplies to the military and other national institutions. It applies to suppliers designing or conducting development and manufacturing and providing services under contract with the military.

AQAP is the standard required by the Ministry of Defence for any company working with the military. As a result of the revision, the following contract documents based on ISO 9001:2015 are required:

AQAP 2110: quality assurance in design, development and production,

AQAP 2120: quality assurance in production,

AQAP 2130: quality assurance in control and testing.

We offer comprehensive support for the development and implementation of the AQAP 2110 Standard, including training for internal auditors and an agent.