Internal export control system (dual use)


Internal export control system (dual use)

The Internal Export Control System applies to those involved in international trade in strategic goods, i.e. dual-use goods or armaments It also applies to consulting or maintenance services provided for strategic goods outside our country.

The circulation of strategic goods, not in compliance with the applicable legal requirements, involves potential criminal liability and high financial penalties.

Currently, the certification of the Internal Control System is carried out in accordance with the Internal Control System (ICS) Criteria.

ECS – Export Control System is a community system for handling export declarations electronically. The ECS enables the exchange of messages between customs offices of export and exit in all EU countries and the transmission of messages between economic operators and customs offices. The ECS ensures the automation and full monitoring of the export procedure and allows the electronic confirmation of the exit of goods from the customs territory of the Community (by means of a message sent from the customs offices of export to the exporter/declarant).

How does ECS work?
The system allows electronic handling of the export declaration sent by the exporter/declarant, both at the customs office of export and the customs office of exit:

The exporter/declarant declares the goods for the export procedure,

The customs office of export accepts the export declaration and sends back to the exporter/declarant the MRN – export operation record number,

The goods, after control, are released for the export procedure and at the same time an Export Accompanying Document (EAD) is generated,

The goods and the EAD are presented to the exit customs office,

The exit customs office grants permission for the goods to leave the customs territory of the community and informs about this fact the person presenting the goods for exit,

The export customs office, after the exit customs office confirmed that the goods have left the customs territory of the community, sends a message to the exporter/declarant confirming the exit of the goods.

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