Project (company) management

We offer you the service of managing any business project from its earliest development phase: the idea. We participate in the evaluation of the business concept, research the market, create a business plan, develop marketing and sales tools, which we then implement.

For several years, we have been involved in searching for and creating interesting investment projects and their subsequent commercialisation. We are primarily interested in innovative projects, for which it is possible to obtain subsidies from EU funds or private investors.

Below are some examples of our projects:
  • car fire spray extinguisher (as a fire extinguishing spray),
  • magnetic ‘decanter’ for wine,
  • super hydrophobic waterproofing with antimicrobial and antifouling properties,
  • personalised website for monitoring changes in legislation,
  • waste recovery from products containing glass fibre,
  • chokeberry juice as a bioactive food,
  • wallpaper framing,
  • high-performance wind/water turbine,
  • leading-edge extension,
  • hydrogel pot (Vita Frame),
  • GotujZdrowo.pl website,
  • non-phthalate plasticiser (DEHT) produced partly from PET waste.
Hello from the Pomorskie Voivodeship! If you are planning to implement and certify a management system, but lack sufficient funds, do not worry. We can do everything so that you get 50% funding, for example, from the Pomorza Development Agency’s SPEKTRUM programme, or even from a bank loan (currently up to PLN 600,000 in a simplified procedure). We work with partners who know how to do this quickly and without unnecessary paperwork.